About Us

My name is Lori. I am the owner of Lily Blossom.  Recently, it dawned on me just how much "stuff" we gather over time and how much "stuff" we toss.  Gather and toss! Gather and toss!  It seems like a vicious cycle.  We have access to everything at our fingertips and we are always on the hunt for more.  

My Grandmother, Lily, or Gran as we call her, is the most beautiful soul you will ever meet.  At 97 years old, she will always greet you with the sweetest smile whether she knows you or not.  She is always happy.  She does not have fancy things and only buys new clothes when the old ones can no longer withstand another cycle in the washer. When she was able, she would go out every Friday and do her groceries, on a budget.  She would only buy what she needed, and what she could afford.  Out of a little, she made a lot.  She wasted very little.  Her philosophy was, you waste not, you want not. And indeed, she never wanted.  Gran is always happy.  She has food to nourish her, a roof over her head and clothes to wear. She had some great lessons to share and I am sure if you were to sit with her long enough, with a cup of tea and a cookie, she could probably reach back into her memory and teach us a few more.  As I and my family begin our journey to reduce the amount of waste our household produces, I often think back to those lessons Gran taught me. Consuming less and making more sustainable choices are the fundamentals for living a low waste lifestyle.

Lily Blossom was created with those fundamentals in mind. I want to encourage other families to join my family on the journey to make smarter choices and to produce less waste.  I have been introduced to some great products that replace ones that my family currently use that are not great for our environment, and I cannot wait to share them with you. I will also share tips and tricks and I do encourage you to do the same. Do you have something that works for you and your home?  We want to hear about it! Many hands make light work.  If each one of us makes small simple changes, we can, together, have an incredibly big impact on our world and the future of our children! Thanks for coming along on this journey with me and my family.